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Seattle: Church’s charter revoked for supporting gay Scout leader

Rainier Beach United Methodist Church can’t use Boy Scout branding: lawyer


A Seattle church has been told it’s in violation of its charter agreement with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and can no longer use the organization’s branding because it continues to support a gay troop leader who was fired, SFGate reports.

Geoff McGrath, who started the troop at the request of the Rainier Beach United Methodist Church, has refused to step aside as Scout leader after the BSA dismissed him when he spoke to media about his sexuality. The church, which decided to stand by McGrath despite his dismissal, says it is open to all people.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and council members have also come to McGrath’s defence, calling on the BSA’s Chief Seattle Council to reconsider the decision to fire him.

A BSA spokesperson says the organization is informing parents that it has found a new chartered group to sponsor the troops connected to Rainier Beach United Methodist Church, which has had its charter revoked, the report notes. But Reverend Monica Corsaro says that her church plans to keep a “consistent quality program” going for youth and that she has sought legal counsel regarding the conflict with the BSA. 

In May last year, the BSA voted to lift a ban on gay youth but kept in place its policy of excluding openly gay adults.