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Second City offers class in LGBT comedy

Second City, the comedic institution known for launching the careers of pretty much every comedian ever — seriously, they’re responsible for Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Will Ferrell and pretty much every other Saturday Night Live cast member — is offering a new summer class aimed at the queer community: Writing Immersion in LGBT comedy.

The class will focus on how to integrate the realities of growing up queer into comedy, how to create fully realized, non-heteronormative characters, and how to avoid writing another Will & Grace rip-off.

Building on the traditional week-long immersions in Improv, Comedy Writing, and Acting held each summer, The Second City Training Center is offering a 2nd year course titled Writing GLBT Comedy, set to run August 5-9 – 10am-1pm. Students will explore comedy where ‘gay’ is the given, not the punchline. They will discover their comedic point of view while creating memorable characters, scenes and songs that go beyond easy stereotypes.

From budding writers to experienced performers to working writers, students will take on assignments customized to their interests and experience. No matter where students fall in the LBGTQIA alphabet, this course will give them the tools to strengthen their comedic voice and take on topics both personal and political.  Taught by Andy Eninger. Monday August 5 to Friday, August 1pm. 10am-1pm each day.

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