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Secret erotica, gay advertising and intrepid lesbians

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Lesbians touching penises

Lesbian YouTube duo Bria and Chrissy gather a group of brave lesbians to do on camera what goes contrary to their nature — touch a penis.

Study: Bisexuals face discrimination from both sides

According to two new studies in the Journal of Bisexuality, bisexuals face nearly as much discrimination from within the LGBT community as from without. One interviewee described being booed at a gay Pride parade for kissing her boyfriend.

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The New York Public Library’s secret erotica collection

At The New York Times, Elaine Sciolino takes us through the New York Public Library’s secretive “triple-star” collection of erotic, pornographic and morally questionable books. The collection has recently been opened to unsupervised readers for the first time.

The year of LGBT advertising

The past year saw an explosion of LGBT people in advertisements, for airlines, insurance companies, soup and even breakfast cereal. CNBC looks into why 2015 was the year of the gay ad.

Estonia legalizes same-sex partnerships, with a caveat

Estonia has become the first former Soviet republic to allow same-sex unions, but the deal is not quite done yet. Regulations around inheritance and divorce have not been implemented, so lawyers are recommending that gay couples hold off on weddings until they can read the fine print.

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