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Selling out

Because this is, I am going to say that I have a sinking feeling that this once-upon-a-hilarious-time…

…has allegedly sold out. No wait. I'm the one alleging… and this is an opinion blog. So I guess that means that I feel like Very Mary Kate has sold out. I also feel (post-Halloween weekend, I have lots of feelings) like my love affair with one of the best spoofs in years is on the rocks.

Note: the big primary sponsor is now CollegeHumour. Have they somehow mucked up these delicious webisodes? Weird thing. I remember being in college. No wait… I don't. But I have this feeling that it was a lot funnier while I was in it. If you know what I'm saying.  

Compare for yourself.


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Very Mary-Kate: Gun from Mary-Kate Olsen on Vimeo.


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