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Senators lose in Game 7

I will not pretend I watched the Senators play this season or that I follow hockey. In fact, I don't follow any professional sport, nor do I play any on a regular basis.

But it's impossible to ignore what's been going on in Ottawa lately. I can hear my neighbours screaming when it's game night. I avoid Elgin St, or the "Sens' Mile." 

On Twitter, the fans are outraged, while the media is keeping a sense of humour:


"@mcsmartypants: RT @pleasuremotors: There'll be riots in Ottawa – in fairness, the rest of us call it 'Staying out past nine.'" Funny. 

For the atmosphere in the city, "Fans of the Senators will hardly be beating themselves up over this
defeat. They were thrilled that their team could be here, in a
could’ve-gone-either-way playoff series, at the end of a season devoted
to retooling for the future," says Ottawa Citizen sports reporter Wayne Scanlan.

Workers putting up the Sens Mile sign; they'll be bringing them down soon. 

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