Toronto Diary
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Seriously, shut up about The Apocalypse already

No. NO. Goddammit, stop it with this already.

Tomorrow is Dec 21, 2012, or the supposed date of the Mayan apocalypse, an imaginary doomsday concocted by crazy people who seem to think that the world will end because the Mayans got tired of hand-carving calendars out of stone. To which I reply: seriously? We’re capable of mass production on a global scale, and we can’t even be bothered to make calendars up through 2013; can you imagine having to chisel thousands of years’ worth of dates? Exhausting. But that doesn’t mean the world is ending.

But I’ll level with you here: here’s drag legend Peppermint’s pitch-perfect Azealia Banks parody about the Mayan apocalypse. There, we even now? No more of this shit. No more apocalypse parties, no more terrible movies and fake TV specials, just . . . stop this shit. Stop this shit now.

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