Toronto Diary
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Sesame Street finally did that Glee parody you knew was coming

Oh hell, you knew Sesame Street was going to spoof Glee. At this point, Sesame Street has made more timely spoofs than Jet Set Men. Oh, wait: turns out Jet Set Men released five more while I was typing this sentence. Jet Set Men takes the lead! (Although Sesame Street is still beating them when it comes to fisting…)

Anyway, it comes at a great time, too, as Glee’s third season just premiered, and I have to admit, Sesame Street really hit the nail on the head. You know, in the sense that Matthew Morrison is still irritating as shit and Lea Michele still has a nine-body and a six-face (just don’t say that on the internet, or else teenagers will send you death threats. No, really.) Anyway, it’s charming and funny and it has muppets in it, so really, I don’t know what more you can ask for here.

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