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Setting the tone for the return of the House

Government Whip Gordon O’Connor responds to Liberal Whip Roger Cuzner’s letter with a letter riddled with inaccuracies and innuendo. Attached was a series of proposed motions (which NDP House Leader Libby Davies told me yesterday that she was still considering).

The Conservatives also sent the Toronto Star’s Susan Delacourt a 13-page letter detailing all the things they’ve been up to during prorogation. The Liberals promptly crunched the numbers and found that few of them did more than six days’ work. Imagine that. Add to that, the Department of Finance refuses to say just how many emails they received from the public as “consultations,” because they consider it “advice to the minister.” Seriously?

Minister of State for Status of Women Helena Guergis, a woman who never veers from her talking points, had a profanity-laced meltdown in the Charlottetown airport last week. In a bizarre turn of events, she apologized publicly yesterday morning without anyone knowing what for – until an anonymous letter faxed to Liberal MP Wayne Easter’s office started to make the rounds and told the whole story. But seriously – she should know better than to show up at an airport 10 minutes before the flight is scheduled to take off.

Michael Ignatieff let his displeasure with the government’s choice for the new head of Rights and Democracy be known, including highlighting all those things on his CV that the government neglected to mention.

The Liberals have also released the list of speakers at their upcoming Canada 150 conference. All of them can now expect to turn up on Conservative press releases being denounced as Liberal stooges advocating the destruction of Canada, or some other such hyperbolic nonsense.

The RCMP have revealed details on how Greenpeace got onto the roof of the West Block to hang those banners before being arrested. They say the weakness in security has been corrected, so we can only hope so, lest Greenpeace ruin it for everyone else.

The NDP’s budget suggestion of the day is… cancelling corporate tax cuts. Again.
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