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Seven steps to stepping back in

A handbook to man-finding

In The 7-Day Dating and Relationship Plan for Gay Men, Grant Wheaton outlines seven principles for successful dating. Here are the book notes:

1. Get real and be honest: accept yourself as the complete package that you are to get an idea of the direction of your dating and relationship needs.

2. Live in the now: nix the ex talk and show the past the door!

3. Open up and extend: acknowledge the areas of your daily life that are already working well and make a risk list.

4. Balance: explore the varied aspects of life and give attention to each important area: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

5. Be patient, responsible and respectful: sex should happen when both have at least gotten to know the basics about one another and respect each other as human and sexual beings. Claim responsibility and treat people with consideration and reliability.

6. Commit: pledge to do something! Don’t let the fear of commitment rob you of the many joys of dating and loving.

7. Gratitude: focus energy and power in a positive direction.