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Sex Diaries

My friend Brandon posted a link to New York Magazine's "The Sex Dairies" on Twitter earlier this week. I opened the link and my head pretty much exploded all over the ceiling. Imagine. A two-year project where New Yorkers were asked to track their sexual activity and behavior for a one-week period. The sample size is quite large and covers all races, ages and lifestyles.

Here's a note from the editor:

Two and a half years ago, we began a project in the magazine that
quickly migrated to our website, asking one New Yorker a week to record
his or her sex life anonymously—the conquests, the agonies, the
onanism. Our interest was not purely prurient. We wondered what might
be revealed about the city’s sex life as a whole. After 141 Sex
Diaries, a picture has started to come into focus (and so have some of
the Diarists themselves, bravely agreeing to show their faces). So what
have we gleaned from these Diaries—not to mention from the ravenous
commenters who pore over each weekly installment? An analysis of the
text begins below. —Sex Diaries Editor: Arianne Cohen 

Understandably, I was drawn to the diaries of gay males between 25-35 first. Mind blowing, people. They tracked everything: from threesomes to masterbation to sexual thoughts on the subway. Here are a few of my faves:

The Newly Single Ghostwriter


The Media Start-up Guy


The Gay Commodities Trader


The Horny Editor Visiting the 'Rents


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