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Sex With A Mime

***The original source material for this blog posting, including the creepy screenshot comes from Mark Adnum

Do you remember that time we cast a mime as the lead in our porn? Oh shit, girl! We are BRILLIANT!

I found a link to this while trying to get outtakes from Don't Quit Your Gay Job picked up by (you see that, sticky queer click editors — I just totally returned the favour before you actually do me one).

Now, I have seen some fucked-up shit before. And I'm not usually one to post outright porn here on, but I'm willing to make an exception for this doozie.

Even the screen capture for this isn't safe for work, but definitely watch the beginning of it, even if you don't like gay porn. The parts with clothes on are just as funny as the parts without:

The look on the mime's face…. I have so many questions and don't want any answers. Check out the original posting here.


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