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Sexual healing at the stock exchange

With the kind of stress finanical analysts were under with the Lehman meltdown yesterday, it's no surprise that many people were looking for, um, relief. Meanwhile, two jokers from "The Howard Stern Show" took to the floor of the NYSE and hijacked this CNN report. Next up: a whole new definition of "bear market!"

Here's a lovely story: a gay bar in Galveston, Texas has reopened in the wake of Hurricane Ike, serving donated food and drink to anyone in need. They've been playing lots of Tina Turner because she too survived a beating from Ike. Classic!

Computer geeks hacked into the Large Hadron Collider project that's attempting to recreate the Big Bang. I guess they didn't notice the flashing red cursor reading BAD IDEA!

One of the perks of being over 30 is that I don't have to know or care who Miley Cyrus is! But now that I've seen her new boyfriend (and lots of him), I may have to pay attention.

It's not like anyone needed a TV version of the "Terminator" movies but introducing Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson as a sinister computer company CEO was total genius, even before the season premiere's wild plot twist at the end (it's been a week; I can spoil it now!) as she reprimands one of her employees: