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Sexy cyber stalking

Stag Homme's real-life sexational couple

Last time I told you that all you really need to know is Let’s talk about why.

If you read this column with any regularity then you know that Porndoggy isn’t actually about porn, it’s about me. The thing about me and porn is that I have this kinda loopy approach going, where I like to think of pornstars as people I know, sort of “from around.” So they’re not really so different from that guy I see in the elevator twice a week who’s kind of cute but always ignores me. (“Who are you?” “Are you a massage therapist?” “The hair on your chest is very attractive.” This is but a sample of the things I don’t say. But I’m way off topic.)

So you know, I stalk them if I can (watch out, Troy), make up stories about them based on their performances and rate them according to whether I’d want them over for a dinner party (A list), a cocktail party (B list) or a cinq à sept (undecided). I haven’t actually ever done that, but I could and I might.

But now that Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse have launched their Stag Homme Studios site, all of that energy spent on imagination can be directed elsewhere. You get everything you need right here.

Basically, Stag Homme delivers a constellation of content that has Damien and Francesco as the couple at the centre of it all. A fair bit of the video available comes from the now-defunct site — stuff like behind-the-scenes clips from porn sets, bits and pieces of candid video and spur-of-the moment bedroom porn. But the new stuff is piling up on a regular basis.

The site engages via several main offerings, including blogs, scheduled video chat, “Coffee with the Stars” (interviews with porn boys including hunky Steve Cruz, huzzah!), hot, edgy porn features and, best of all, a video diary of the couple’s antics as they travel about Europe, performing sex shows, hanging out with their  buddies and forever showing off their dongs. (In my book, it helps that Francesco is perpetually in Adidas, but that’s another column altogether.)

Damien and Francesco are so fucking sexy and so fucking adorable, so cute and funny and silly with each other that it’s pure pleasure to watch them. At least twice Damien leans behind the camera, gives Francesco a big kiss and says, “I love you, baby.” I’m pretty certain this is the first time in porn that it’s my heart that popped and not my cock.