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Sexy trade

New Toronto party from founder of Cub Camp

Take out your best sex outfits, boys. Toronto’s getting a cocky new kiki.

“Trade is a party where the boys of Toronto can explore and embrace their sexual desires,” says Scooter McCreight, promoter, DJ and Trade creator. “Each event will bring through different hosts who embrace their sex lives without shame. We’re going to bring in pornstars, hustlers, bad boys and studs to lead the way for those who are coming to play.”

The Cub Camp head honcho is all about creating a space where men don’t feel uncomfortable lusting after one another and can have sex and explore kinks without judgment. “We’ve all been raised in a heterosexual world, and we’ve been forced to hide the fact that we enjoy sex with each other on some level,” McCreight says, noting that the recently renovated Black Eagle, complete with gear and dark room, will host his horny new party.

The inaugural night features DJ Scooter (McCreight) and The Robotic Kid, of Mighty Real Deejays, spinning “dirty cruising beats,” with randy shenanigans facilitated by host A Bearded Boy, who McCreight describes as “a notorious internet deviant known for unabashedly documenting his kinks and sexual exploration through his website” (

“He’s recently relocated to Toronto from Montreal, and I know he is going to bring this city a much-needed reality check on what it is to live your life as a proud gay man.”

Trade, Sat, May 25, 10pm. The Black Eagle457 Church St. No cover