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Sharon Needles for PETA, video and photo

Sharon Needles may love all things gory and obscene, but not when it comes to her food. She knows that blood and horror is for the stage, not inhumane meat farms. Cages are for go-gos, everyone should rather go naked, there IS such a thing as too much pussy, and eating shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg! 

"The campaign I’m donating my rotten face for is ‘Dead things should be buried, not eaten,’” Needles said during a behind-the-scenes interview. “Being a vegetarian, it kind of shows how gory it is to see ripped-off arms and ripped-off hands of people of our own species. But I think it brings a campy, disturbing and grotesque realization to the fact that that’s how animals are being treated, especially in commercial farming."  

I love how she compares eating meat to Luke Magnotta’s alleged cannibalism. We discussed it backstage earlier this year at Five Sixty for Every Night Is Halloween, where we did a sit-down interview for Xtra: