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She could be your boi

Melissa Endean may be a lipstick lesbian with flowing red mermaid hair, but in her first-ever music video she insists, with her sweet, breathy vocals over an indie-pop sound, that she could be your boi. 

Her single "I Could Be Your Boi" is the first video released from the Vancouver-based musician who "writes songs about the ladies, for the ladies," and she's entered it in the Peak Performance Project, a West Coast music competition with a top prize of $100,000. Melissa has made it to the top 20 finals, and if you like her sound and want to support some local talent, you can vote for her here.

Find "I Could Be Your Boi" on iTunes, and check out the video, directed by Mike Southworth, which takes you "from the living room to a 1920s film set with a lady Charlie Chaplin":