Toronto Diary
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She got that super bass

So a couple days ago, video of a tiny adorable British girl in a princess costume singing Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” hit the web, and immediately, every female member of my family over the age of 40 sent it to me because that’s how the internet works. (Thanks, Mom!)

Anyway, cut to a couple days later, where Ellen DeGeneres flew the girl out to be on her show and surprised her with a visit from Nicki herself, which resulted in the single most adorable thing ever. This week. Kudos to Nicki for taking time out to have a face-to-face with the girl, and also for reminding her to make school her first priority. God bless her. Seriously, if this were Kim Kardashian or one of those other useless whores, she’d probably just say something about how you can get a show on E! by leaking a sex tape where a D-list rapper pees on you.

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