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She Wolf? Ah-ooooooooo!

So maybe I can't get this out of my head now because of a certain friend of mine. That's okay. Shakira and me go back. Way back to 2001, when she released an album called Laundry Service and then a single called "Underneath My Clothes"…oh girl is CHEEKY! And she likes to yodel and sing non-sensical babble in place of actual words.

Now consider this: Shakira writes or co-writes most of her music and rumours indicate she has creative control over most of her projects as well. Her last album was called Fijacion Oral (Oral Fixation). Her new single is called She Wolf. And you should check out the video. Apparently in the back of Shakira's closet, there is a door to what appears to be giant, sparkly lady parts…and a cage.

I had the sinking suspicion even way back in 2001 that she has the type of sexy crazy that can only be found in true artistes, like Mel Gibson, Britney Spears or Stephen Harper. Apparently my suspicions were correct.

Here's my favourite remix by Calvin Harris (who is playing this Sunday at the Commodore hey-o!)

And one by Moto Blanco: