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Shit a couple of gays say

Duo behind YouTube sensation publish picture book

Graydon Sheppard

Toronto’s Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard are the guys behind the YouTube sensation Shit Girls Say.

Their videos have garnered more than 30 million views and even earned a place at the Toronto International Film Festival. Now, they are the authors of a new book by the same title.

“Should I get bangs?”; “What if we did a bake sale?”; and “I’ll have a glass of prosecco” are among the quotable quotes picked from their YouTube videos for the new picture book.
Some have called their work misogynistic, but the guys, who are gay, seem to have escaped relatively unscathed. 
“It’s not necessarily about being gay,” Sheppard says about the mostly positive reaction they have received from women they speak with. “I think it’s because we identify with women, honestly we do, and that’s why it’s well received.”
Below are a selection of the videos posted on YouTube and an interview with the guys, who are boyfriends. As the book says, “That’s so romantic.”