4 min

Shocked with gritty humour

Angello Floresco and Trixie's Tranny Force

Credit: TJ Ngan

Michael Venus: Okay, you fuckin’ slut of all time, tell me about your super gay films.

Angello Floresco: Wow! Slut of all time?! It’s about fuckin’ time we made that title official. Okay so, Tranny Force is a film that is best described by this equation: Sailor Moon + South Park + Spiceworld + Stonewall = TRANNY FORCE. It’s a concept I created two years ago; I wanted to make a series dedicated to representing gay superheroes, because ultimately, we (the gays) have no such thing-sorry the ambiguously gay duo does not count. It’s a superhero adventure action comedy that’ll shock you and make you shit your pants with laughter-or something else!

MV: So tell all the readers and me what to expect the night of the screening and don’t forget about the after-party.

AF: Last year’s screening of our first full-length feature was off the hook (thanks in part to Cotton’s amazing portrayal of the evil villain Mistress Shade). The screening was sold out and we had an immense interest from the public. This time we’re uppin’ the ante. This new episode, a prequel, depicts how the Tranny Force actually got their powers in their efforts to battle the evil Cirque De So Gay from the Dark Dimension. And our official after-party at the Urban Well is gonna overload your underwear with nasty sauces that you never knew you could make!

MV: So why do you need to make these gender bent vids that are filled with vulgarity, smut, and trannies who fight circuit queens and all the rest of the trash?

AF: Why? Because no one else has the balls to, I guess. I mean, this whole thing is a representation of my bizarre imagination.

I’m not trying to cut any one group down in particular.

I put everyone in the hot seat, even the good guys. I love superheroes, I love comedy and action, and why should only hot straight guys or hot straight girls get to save the world. And fuck-most of them don’t even swear! That’s fuckin’ bullshit! So I want to represent the crowd that likes their action glamorous, dirty, raw, and gay. And from the response I’ve been getting so far, it seems there’s a lot of those fuckers out there.

MV: Tell me about your tuck? Why is it always coming untucked in the films and are you tucked right now?

AF: Why the fuck would I be tucked right now? The first thing I do when I “Un-Trixie” is let my babies free from my chamber of punishment (aka Le Bum). Basically the whole Trixie tuck joke that runs rampant throughout the Tranny Force series relates to a real incident involving Trixie and her over-indulgent dangling friends. And you know what? I’m sick of superheroes being utterly perfect-as if. The Tranny Force are humans too, and they are adjusting to their new identities. So why not exploit their shortcomings? The Tranny Force are tough bitches that you don’t wanna fuck with, but they have their own little flaws too. I’m not putting anyone on a pedestal-especially not me!

MV: Do people get your films and if so what kind of person does? Are they just free-thinking fags or what?

AF: Who the fuck cares what they get? As long as they laugh-and they do, even if it is a ‘guilty laugh.’ Like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe they said that, but it’s so funny.’ I mean: this whole film is not just for the gay of heart, it’s for everyone who can enjoy a good laugh with a gay twist. The whole film is a spoof of Japanese anime (hence the Sailor Moon ties) and the whole purpose of this film is to entertain. If you’re into being entertained, and shocked with gritty humour, then you’re in the right place with Tranny Force.

MV: You seem so super busy with these hilarious shorts. What can we expect in the future?

AF: I’m definitely into making another Tranny Force. That won’t be for a while though, ’cause my next mission is to get some serious financial backing -everything I’ve done so far has been done with no budget, a true testament to everyone’s desire to create a great piece. Film festivals are definitely in the near future as well, because the whole world needs to check out what Vancouver is up to as far as the independent tranny film scene goes. Basically, I’ve got an over- active imagination, and now that I’ve figured out a medium for my expression, you can expect to hear a whole lot from me and my amazing crew.

MV: Does anyone get paid making these pieces or at least get laid?

AF: Well, getting laid is saved for the after-parties fer sure! Nobody deserves Trixie’s treat until they’ve sweated for it. But yeah, this is a no-budget film, everyone just believes in the vision-and I couldn’t be luckier than to work with all the amazing people that have lent their helping hands to the projects. My tranny sisters, Evil Lynn, Milla, Jovainka and Cotton are incredibly talented and funny, as are all the other actors (The Cirque De So Gay are fuckin’ nuts-funny) and, of course, my crew: Matt Peake, John McDonald, James Cookson, and Robyn Haddow are bursting with imagination, ambition and talent that could smoke any other fucker in the face. I love them all. Thank God for volunteering.

MV: Give us a brief summary of your life before Tranny Force. Make it brief; we don’t want to bore our audience, Mary!

AF: Hmmm, brief. Okay. Born and raised in Vancouver-this is my hometown. Went to an all-boys Catholic school for 12 years, while masturbating heavily about the football team. Went to SFU for a bit, but hated the fuck out of it, so I taught English in Japan for a year, came back, came out, met the Venus crew, and let them rape my mind (or free it: they brought the Trixie out of me). Went to school for audio production, and then got inspired to make these politically incorrect tranny superhero films.

MV: Finally: any last words to entice the gays to get off their asses and come to the show?

AF: On August 26th we’re going all out to give you a full meal deal! So you’re getting a full night of entertainment, while supporting your local neighbourhood tranny superheroes. Last year’s screening was an amazing success, and this year, we plan to end your summer right with some new material for you to laugh at!

MV: Finally, thanks and fuck off, slut. Kidding, I want you-inside me.

AF: Hold on, hooker boy. I work hard enough as it is: you’re fucking me, bitch. And none of this bullshit cuddling either; just crank that Madonna CD and rub my back after you shred my bummie. Respect! And stop hoggin’ that joint, ya fucker.

* Check out Tranny Force Episode 1 Cirque De So Gay with Skits on Crack for one night only at the Pacific Cinematheque Tue, Aug 26. The official after-party is at the Urban Well. Tickets available for the 8 pm and 9:30 pm screenings at Red Room and Club Card. See for more information.