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Shoot a gay activist in the face in Russia, get no jail time

I wonder if Gleb Likhotkin's sentencing would have been more severe if he'd shot actual bullets at his victim, an activist marching in an LGBT rights rally on May 17 in honour of International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia?

The scary thing is, I'm not so sure.

Likhotkin, vice-president of a Russian anti-abortion group, took offence to the pro-equality slogan written on a balloon the victim was holding during the march. He fired a shot of eye irritant from an air gun at the balloon, followed by at least two shots in the protester's face.

City prosecutors in St Petersburg said Likhotkin took "personal offence" to the slogan, which is why he fired the shots. 

After pleading not guilty, he was given a one-year suspended sentence for "hooliganism" and will serve no jail time.

I'd say turn the gun on yourself, Likhotkin, but I think you're already enough of an airhead.