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Shortest reign ever?

Meet the new Mr & Ms Gay Vancouver, sort of

Foxy De-Rossi and Gio Giovanni earned the top titles from the Rhinestone Phoenix Charity Foundation last month. Though De-Rossi resigned just a few weeks later, Giovanni is still going strong. Credit: Victor Bearpark

The 33rd annual Mr and Ms Gay Vancouver pageant took place Oct 6, and Gio Giovanni and Foxy De-Rossi took home the crowns. Well, Foxy did. I’m not exactly sure what to call the can of soda taped to cardboard and placed on Gio’s head. And then there was Foxy’s unexpected resignation . . .

Foxy De-Rossi

On working for the Rhinestone Phoenix Charity Foundation: We will do anything for money, baby!

On what being a diva has taught her about being a dude: It has taught me that I need to be more confident as a boy. I’m too shy. I’ve never even been on a date before.

On her name (dropping): My friend RuPaul and I did his song “Supermodel” at Celebrities a long time ago. He slapped my ass and I went flying off the stage. He named me Foxy, and Jenna Jameson gave me my last name — De-Rossi. So I’m named after the world’s most famous drag queen and pornstar! That’s why I look the way I do.

On where she keeps her crown: I think it’s holding my curtains back . . .

On what it takes: 1) Confidence. Not being a bitch, but be able to take a hit. 2) Humility. 3) A sense of who you are!

On stepping down just 22 days after being crowned: Due to irreconcilable differences and unforeseen problems with my personal life and a friend, I reluctantly resigned because I can’t be Ms Gay Vancouver if I don’t live in Vancouver! I’m sorry I have disappointed you. You know I love you all!

Gio Giovanni

On the moment his name was called: I will never forget the moment the announcement was made. It sent shivers up my back and gave me an overwhelming feeling of love and support. If I can share that feeling with anyone in need over the next year, I will have done my job.

On his purpose: I believe that the role of Mr and Ms Gay is not only to raise money for charity, but also to provide a voice to the community that no one is alone. That people are standing up for our rights, freedoms and equality.

On being crowned with cardboard and a Coke can: Foxy was recognized with a shimmering tiara that lit up the room. When the time came for my crowning, the room went silent as everyone looked at each other and realized the crown did not make it to the event!

On all the love: The amount of support from everyone has truly helped me feel at home. Vancouver is a place where your dreams can come true!

On who will reign with him now: I will represent Vancouver alone this year. I understand the amount of work required of my position. I made a commitment to you and the city of Vancouver. I have no intention of going back on that. I’m committed to working hard to fulfill, and go beyond, what is required of me.

I would be honoured if the Mr, Ms and Miss members of the Senate would come out and support me. Though no official Ms Gay Vancouver, having a wide range of previous Mr, Ms and Miss to attend different venues and events would make a big impact and help lead to a successful year. Together we will make this year memorable.