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Show us the terms of reference

Michael Ignatieff kicked off Question Period by asking about the terms of reference for Justice Iacobucci, while he looks over those Afghan detainee documents. Harper assured him that Iacobucci would report back in due time. The Liberals’ public safety critic, Mark Holland, reminded the government that they ignored Iacobucci’s previous report, on those Arab-Canadians who were rendered to Syria by the Americans to be tortured. Rob Nicholson assured us of Justice Iacobucci’s good name.

Gilles Duceppe wanted to know about those exorbitant Profac contracts (Rona Ambrose says she's looking into it herself), and Jack Layton asked after the revelations made on CBC radio about the former government official that confirms that “everbody” knew torture was going on in Afghanistan. The Liberals continued asking about the detainee issues – and for the terms of reference for Justice Iacobucci – while both Anita Neville and Wayne Easter started asking why Helena Guergis still had a job after her big tantrum in the Charlottetown airport. According to John Baird, her “sincere apology” should be enough for the Opposition.

Sartorially speaking, Bev Oda did well with her lilac jacket over a black top and pearls, with a black patterned scarf draped over her left shoulder. Diane Ablonczy looked good in orange – unlike her previous misadventure in mustard. Leona Aglukkaq was wearing an interesting maroon jacket that was trimmed with what I believe was seal fur. I was almost keen on Bonnie Crombie’s red velvet jacket – until I saw a bow tied on the red dress beneath, and it ruined the whole effect for me. And the Megan Leslie outfit watch reports a flirtation with a retro style, with the tied scarf over the white collared shirt and three-quarter sleeves. The brownish skirt and fuchsia belt were flirting with the colour well enough, but the sparkling dark bronze shoes put me over the edge. Once again, not quite there, but valiant effort. At least there were no inappropriately coloured tights in the picture.

The budget passed yesterday – because of a bout of rather convenient “diplomatic flu” in the Liberal benches.

Her Excellency completed her visit to the Dominican Republic.

All that money raised by the government for relief in Haiti? Turns out they haven’t spent a penny. I expect this will turn up in Question Period tomorrow.

If you’re looking for a little more about Senator Nancy Ruth and her fight to restore the gender-neutral anthem, the Toronto Star has a lovely piece here.

And finally, Scott Brison has an op-ed in Embassy about energy, the environment and the economy – one of his own particular pet causes – and how we need to act if we want to avoid carbon tariffs that are no doubt on the way. It’s behind a paywall here, but if you’re on Facebook, it’s on Brison’s page here.
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