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Sick Kids Hospital opens clinic dedicated to transgender youth

Happy Coming Out Day! No, I'm not going to bore you with another coming-out story (the tl;dr version: Mom found my porn stash. Aaaaaaaaaand scene), so let's move on to something more substantial than my de-closeting. 

There's some good news for kids who are transgender and in need of resources to deal with gender dysphoria: Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children just opened a brand new clinic for transgender youth, to provide physical and mental healthcare.

According to CTV news, Sick Kids' trans clinic is the first facility in Toronto dedicated to providing care specifically for trans teens, utilizing specialists in endocrinology and hormone therapy as well as social workers.

While young trans people today have more access to information on the internet, and are growing up in more tolerant times, it's good to know they have accessible medical resources and a safe place where they can talk to healthcare professionals.