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Silence, sugar daddies and Catholics

Your daily package of naughty and newsy bits from around the world

The bisexual teenager taking on gun violence

With a stunning speech, Emma Gonzalez shot to the forefront of gun violence activism in the United States. But who is the Cuban bisexual teen responsible for “the loudest silence in the history of US social protest”? [CNN]

The Blesser’s Curse

At The Atlantic, Olga Khazan investigates how transactional sex between older sugar daddies and young women created the “world’s largest HIV epidemic.”

Chinese film festival pulls gay film

The Beijing International Film Festival decided it would not screen award-winning gay romance Call Me By Your Name. Officials declined to comment. [US News]

Croatians protest against LGBT recognition

After the Croatian government approved a treaty that protects the rights of women, conservative Catholics took to the streets to protest how they said the treaty might incidentally protect the rights of gay and trans people. [Associated Press]

Trump bans trans troops, again

After an earlier order was held up by the courts, US President Donald Trump has issued a new order that would ban transgender service members who have or will undergo transition from remaining in the military. [The New York Times]