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Single gay men reveal their body hang-ups

The new year is still relatively fresh, so chances are you or someone you know has started working out in order to get fit. If that’s the case, just remember: Set realistic goals, focus on health over aesthetic, and always ask how to use the machines. Hernias hurt like a motherfucker.

In the spirit of the resolution season, Coffee Meets Bagel took a poll among single gay men to get a real look at body image issues within the community. As it turns out, if you happen to have a few hang-ups about your body, don’t worry! Everyone else does too! That should probably tell you something.

According to the survey, the number of gay men satisfied with their bodies was practically equal to the number who were unsatisfied: 21% said they were happy with their bodies, while 22% said they weren’t entirely happy. The number of men who were “okay” with their bodies came up to 57%.

One of the biggest areas of concern for gay men was their abs, with 51% of men saying they were unsatisfied with them. Further more, abs were the most worked muscle group among respondents (according to 39% of those polled). However, only 19% of men actually found abs the sexiest part of the human body. So don’t worry, the pressure to have a six-pack isn’t as strong as you think! 

So what is the biggest draw for gay men? Apparently, a well-defined chest, at least according to 37% of men polled. However, if you really want to give yourself a leg up, start working your shoulders; apparently, while only 1% of men worked out their shoulders, 18% of men considered well-defined deltoids to be the sexiest part of a man.

But perhaps the most interest part of it all was how getting in shape affected gay men’s love lives. While 18% of men saw no change after getting fit, 37% of men claimed that the boost in self-esteem from working out actually helped them out a lot.

So I guess the major take-away here is that confidence in yourself goes a lot further than a few pretty muscles. That being said, if you want to be a little healthier, eat a little better, and be a little more active? By all means, go for it. And remember your gym etiquette!