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Site: All-Ages Kirk/Spock Archive

In Star Trek land, T’hy’la is a Vulcan word that means “lover” and “brother.” T’hy’la is also a site devoted to the homo-love (G-rated) between Star Trek’s Captain James T Kirk and Mr Spock. There are more than 75 artists and writers sharing their nonpornographic stories, poems, paintings and drawings. It’s all very innocent and mushy (and freaking hilarious). You can just smell the strawberry-scented Hello Kitty ink wafting from a preteen girl’s amorous pen.

Most of the stories read like Harlequin Romance meet Golden Books. Here are the last two lines of “Bubbly Summer” by Bunny. “They kissed in a shower of popping soapy bubbles. Jim decided that it was far better than any previous bubble summer.” It gets better! Here’s a haiku by Maiden Emerald entitled “Haiku For The K/S Uninformed.” “Kirk really loves Spock! They do enjoy each other. Hot galaxy love.”

The Hilroy scribbler visuals will blow your mind. Spock with a rose in his mouth. Kirk as a bottom. ‘Nuff said.