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Site: Fleshbot

The gay section of Fleshbot ( is a sexy, smart and useful guide to all your male fantasy needs. It links you to a plethora of hot images and fetishes on the web. There are 11 categories from which to choose. More importantly every link gets an engaging and witty description from Fleshbot’s sharp writing staff (tee-hee).

Explore “Gay Celebrity” and see Chris “Flame On” Evans’s sluttish poses or Monaco’s Royal heartthrob Andrea Casiraghi letting it all hang out. At “Gay Amateur” meet Flavamen’s Ruff Ryder: “Gang tattoos, overdeveloped jailhouse muscles and 12.5 inches of uncut beef!” My favourite is “Gay Morph” in which muscle men are Photoshopped (hello pinch and sphere tools) into quadruple the He-Man action figure proportions they already are. A hilarious and joyful romp through healthy gay perversions.