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Skateboarding, science wars and the bisexual majority

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Skateboarder Brian Anderson comes out

Star skateboarder Brian Anderson has come out as gay in an interview with Vice Sports. Anderson, who is 40, says he was too intimidated to come out earlier because of homophobia in the sport.

The bisexual majority

LGBT think tank The Movement Advancement Project has released a report highlighting that over half of all LGBT people are bisexual, but that bisexuals get less attention and support than other minorities. Recent research has shown that bisexuals suffer worse health and economic outcomes than most other sexual minorities.

The trouble with Germany

Why is Germany, one of the more progressive countries in Europe, still lagging behind on equal marriage? At the New York Times, Alexander Gorlach pins the blame on a small minority of Christian conservatives, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, who have stubbornly stalled the issue.  

Haiti LGBT festival cancelled

An LGBT festival in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince has been cancelled in the face of threats of violence and government interference. The government commissioner of the city personally banned the event, he said, to protect public morals.

Read more at the BBC.

John Hopkins faculty disavows anti-gay study

After one current and one former researcher at John Hopkins University released a conservative-slanted report on gender and sexuality, a group of the university’s faculty has published an editorial in the Baltimore Sun decrying the research. The report’s opponents point out it dodged the peer review process, and omits important new research on the topic.

Roy Moore suspended

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has been suspended for the remainder of his term for telling probate judges to ignore federal orders on same-sex marriage. This is the second time Moore has been removed from office; in 2003 it was for refusing to remove the Ten Commandments from the courthouse building.