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Skuff 4 wins Best Fetish Release at 2010 GayVN Awards

The curly piggy buttplug sets the tone


San Francisco is the place to go for freedom of sexuality. A fist up the ass is pretty much the official San Fran handshake. So naturally, it’s home to some of gay porndom’s freakiest movie studios.

One of those is Hot House, home to Lifetime Achievement holding director Steven Scarborough. Though it does produce more vanilla fare, Hot House is best known for its fetish lines — specifically leather and fisting.

The Skuff  series is one of its core leather titles — three out of the four have claimed awards — so it’s no surprise to see it back in the headlines. The most recent entry, Skuff 4: Downright Fierce, filmed and released in 2009, just scooped Best Fetish Release at the 2010 GayVN Awards.

Hot House does leather movies about as well as they can be done, combining filth and depravity with high production values and men who are actually attractive. The movie’s subtitle may be a bit too “Hey, gurl!” *snap* but Scarborough knows how to bring the butch, and there’s no doubting that these are men who play like men. 

Johnny Gunn sets the tone with the curly piggy buttplug jammed between his perfectly formed cheeks. But the hottest and most creative scene takes place in the rain, as pretty-boy Kyle King takes on an eye-popping dildo that’s just the opening act for the insane throat-and ass-ravaging he suffers from brothers-in-bondage Luke and Brendan Davies.

Race Cooper’s full-on leatherman-and-motorbike setup could be right out of an ’80s Stryker movie. Ethan Wolfe is one of those strange hybrid men who can be both skinny dork and jaw-dropping sex machine at the same time. Musclebound Vince Ferelli breaks his chains with sheer brute strength just to get to Wolfe’s delicious 10-inch column.

It’s five scenes of hardcore fucking featuring some seriously sexy men, and it’s definitely worth its accolades.

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