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Sleep, sex and sightseeing

Have a sexy getaway at Hung Homo Homestay

The sexy dungeon room.

While much of Canada is digging out from snow, Victoria, BC, has been enjoying one of the mildest winters ever. While many think it’s Mother Nature warming things up, one local innkeeper believes he’s the one raising temperatures.

Hung Homo Homestay is not your mother’s B&B. Maurice, the owner and operator of Homestay, says it’s a “homestay” and not a “bed and breakfast” simply because he doesn’t serve breakfast. That doesn’t mean you can’t stuff your face — or any other hole. The two pleasantly appointed guest rooms are comfortable and luxurious, but it’s the bonus room — what Maurice calls the nasty pig playroom — that lets you know this ain’t the Empress Hotel.

As the name implies, this discreet home in one of Victoria’s nicest and best-located residential areas is geared toward dudes whose ideas of sightseeing extend beyond Butchart Gardens and Victoria’s magnificent Inner Harbour.

Hung Homo Homestay hosts the Man2Man Sex Club, which features group sex opportunities for houseguests and non-guests. There are four groups per week. Monday and Friday feature “nooners,” from noon to 2pm, geared toward retired people and businessmen who can get away at lunchtime for a quickie. On Wednesday and Saturday evenings from 7-10pm the club hosts orgies that are open to all men.

The Homestay fills a niche in a city with one gay bar and where the only bathhouse closed last year. There is no charge to attend the club (some guys drop a few bucks in a tip jar to help cover the expense of towel cleaning, lube and incidentals). Maurice identified the need, and filled it.

“I don’t want to sound like the Mother Teresa of gay sex,” he says, “but it occurred to me that this would work well with a B&B because I wanted to differentiate myself from other gay B&Bs. Victoria is a very small city and there are very few options for men who want to have sex discreetly. There is a need for a venue where men can enjoy each other’s company and feel safe and secure, especially the bi guys.”

The Homestay is adjacent to the city’s cruise-friendly areas and most tourist attractions, as well as affordable rates.

“I keep my rates very reasonable and I do that for two reasons,” Maurice says. “I want to attract not only the rich who can afford it but also younger guys who might be here on business. By keeping my rates low, I get a mixed clientele. It’s open to all. It’s a secure place. It’s clothing optional, so if they choose they can walk around in the nude and feel comfortable doing that.”

In just over two years, Hung Homo Homestay and Man2Man Sex Club have become a happening part of Victoria’s scene, he says.

Maurice knows his unique accommodation may not be for everyone. “It has the special features that may interest you,” he says. “If it’s not what you’re looking for, that’s fine too.”