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Small town gay bar goes cyber

Keeping connected from coast-to-coast


Amanda says: Speaking of pictures, how is the old dating service? Line up any bass yet?

Kara says: Fredericton sucks, there aren’t many fish in Fredericton. I want to find a little gem no one knows about. Is that too much to ask for?

Amanda says: Yes.

Sound familiar? Welcome to queer Canada. Amanda and Kara are two hot young queer women who met in a bar in Fredericton three years ago and became fast friends. Amanda now lives in Victoria, on the opposite coast from Kara, who still lives in Fredericton. Wanting to keep in close touch, the two made a pledge to check in online for 15 minutes everyday and post their conversation on their blog, She-Be-She. Their conversations are short and mundane, and refreshingly familiar. When I caught up with them, Kara was talking about scoring an online date with a woman from Moncton and about the local Moncton gay bar, Triangles.

Triangles was one of the first gay bars I ever went into, and I still remember how terrifying and exhilarating it was to be that “little gem no one knew about.”

This is small-town-gay-bar at its best, and these conversations are like the ones you would have sitting in the corner, waiting to see who comes in the door next.