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Small victories, marriage quality, and ten million gay Americans

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Chinese transgender man wins lawsuit

A transgender man in the Chinese city of Guiyang has won a small victory in court, after he was fired from his job for dressing in men’s clothing. The court said he was improperly fired, but did not say that it was necessarily because of discrimination.

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Most Germans support equal marriage

While Germany remains one of the few Western European countries without equal marriage for gays and lesbians, a strong majority of Germans support same-sex marriage, according to a report by the country’s anti-discrimination agency. Even so, the report says, gay Germans still face regular discrimination.

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More Americans than ever are LGBT

According to a Gallup survey, the number of Americans who identify as LGBT continues to rise. An estimated 10 million Americans are now LGBT, or 4.1 percent of the population, up from 3.5 in 2012. Millennials are far more likely to be LGBT than previous generations, at 7.3 percent.

Taiwan inches closer to marriage equality

A bill in Taiwan’s parliament to allow same-sex marriage under the country’s civil code continues to gather momentum. It has now passed a preliminary review in parliament, and is supported by Taiwan’s president and ruling party.

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Peru takes small step towards recognizing gay unions

A Peruvian court has ruled that economist and gay rights activist Óscar Ugarteche can legally register his overseas marriage in Peru, a small step towards recognition of gay couples. The government has promised to appeal the ruling, and same-sex marriage is still illegal within the country.

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