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Sneak peek – Xtra’s interview with Anne Rice

Famed writer comments on sexuality and gender

In this excerpt from a longer interview with Anne Rice, the author discusses homosexuality and gender ambiguity.

Gothic fiction writer Anne Rice has long had many fans in the LGBT community. Ever since she first wrote about Lestat, the bisexual narrator in her vampires chronicles, sexuality and gender have been an integral part of her works. One need look no further than HBO's True Blood series to see the trend of fluid sexuality within the gothic fiction genre that can arguably be traced back to her books.

Rice's openness toward gender and sexuality is interesting, considering she was raised a devout Catholic. "The attitude that I have towards sexuality and towards gender — those attitudes are so deeply rooted I'm not sure that they have anything to do with my upbringing," Rice says in a recent interview with Xtra writer Raziel Reid. "I just never really got the whole religious obsession with sex being as evil as murder or genocide."

Above is an excerpt of our feature interview with Rice. Xtra sat down with the author when she was in Vancouver promoting her newest book in The Wolf Gift Chronicles, The Wolves of Midwinter. The full interview is coming shortly to