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So blond it hurts

Woody Reviews

Credit: JetSetMen

No, I’m not talking about me — that’s the name of another “best of” collection courtesy of Jet Set Men. The fact that they have so many performers worthy of the treatment says good things about the studio, I think.

This collection features the work of Landon Mycles, the blond, blue-eyed babe of the title. He’s a confusing one, what with the two names — he began performing as Marcus Mojo for a lot of the straight-to-web studios, signed a contract as Landon with Jet Set, then went back to being Marcus again once the contract ended. But he’s fucking gorgeous either way.

We’ve got nine scenes from eight movies, starting with his debut appearance in Straight Edge 4. He finds a secluded bathroom with a conveniently provided dildo and sets to work.

Jet Set tends to use a lot of gay-for-pay performers, and while Landon has yet to nail down his sexuality in so many words, his performances say it all quite clearly. The sweating, the flushed skin, the delicious little whimpering noises as his prostate is pummelled — he enjoys his work.

That’s proven again and again over the following scenes. He gets rimmed then rammed in the locker room by Vancouver’s own Spencer Whitman. He demonstrates some damned impressive deep-throating, full-on eyes watering and nose running, on lucky Tommy G.

Hayden Stephens fucks his ass as payment for car repairs. Dakota Rivers bangs his butt in the locker room again. Josh Griffin pounds his guts in — you guessed it — the locker room. You might be noticing a theme here.

One scene that definitely should have been included but wasn’t is from Pizza Boy Gangbang, where Landon plays a pizza boy who… well, figure it out. But there’s more than enough to whet your appetite for perfect blond bottom boys here as it is. Long may he continue, whatever his name is.

As a closing note, this will be my last Woody Reviews column for Xtra. No falling out, no firing — it’s just that I’m up and moving to the UK, and it won’t be possible anymore. And in truth, I’m looking forward to the break. I’ve been watching porn professionally for almost a decade now, and it will be nice to just sit back and enjoy it without having to keep one hand free for the keyboard. I hope Xtra will soon find a replacement, and I hope the gaping hole I leave behind will be filled quickly.