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So much to do, so little dime

The to-do list

Thursday, May 12: Hard Candy at Celebrities. Stick-stick-sticky and sweet.

Friday, May 13: Yelle at the Commodore, then FriGay the 13th at Oasis. If you're not there, they'll put a hex on you.

Saturday, May 14: Trash at The Cobalt. See previous post.

Sunday, May 15: To nurse your hangover or for a relaxing, lazy Sunday, head over to the Gallery Café for lunch and martinis on the patio. IT WILL NOT RAIN. Or try Barb's Big Birthday at Numbers. Donations will be taken at the door for Qmunity. And for all you lesbos, the hockey game will be playing on the big-screens!

What to do if you're totally lame and plan on staying in all weekend? Check out the trailer (below) for the campy 1982 classic Liquid Skywhich is one of the most ridiculously fabulous movies ever made and is heralded as the visual representation of electroclash music.

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