Toronto Diary
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So Smitherman and Baird walk into a bar — stop me if you’ve heard this…

Torontoist has noticed that Eye Weekly’s new web site is rife with woefully inappropriate hyperlink adverts including a bizarre link to referenced from the phrase “hand-jobbing Rahm Emmanuel.” No, I’m not going to give you the context. It’s more fun this way. The eagle-eyed writers at Torontoist also catch a hilarious typo in Metro.


Harper and McGuinty made friendly in Etobicoke yesterday with the announcement that previously pledged infrastructure money will go to the construction and refurbishment of GO Transit parking lots. Harper to the media: see, I do support the arts. Look at the show we’re putting on right now!


Speaking of uncomfortable shows of friendship, here’s a funny joke: Why are openly gay provincial infrastructure minister George Smitherman and federal transport minister John Baird suddenly so chummy that Baird is asking reporters if they can “feel the love”? Answer: Because they’re both responsible for massive transit projects, you nosy nelly.


The final week of the Rhubarb Festival opens at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre on Wednesday. It’s your last chance to catch Canada’s premiere experimental and new queer works theatre festival. It’s a great line up in the final week, so set aside at least two nights to catch it all!