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So…where do DJs get their music? feature offers some answers…

That's a good question. And despite dating one for a couple months, I have no answers for you unfortunately. Despite trying to cajole sources out of my now ex, I ended up with very little aside from a newfound appreciation for vocal and circuit house.

I do, however, remember the time I would go to clubs and the music in the background was just a wash of sound. Having spent my late teens/early twenties listening to hip hop and reggae, no big surprise there. However times have changed and with that, I bring you a feature that I am quickly falling in love with.

The Pinq Top 20 features a style hit list brought to you by the following DJs:

  • DJ Nick Bertossi (The World)
  • DJ Ryan Bazeley (Celebrities)
  • DJ MKW (Pulse, Lick)
  • DJ Zach Shore (Celebrities, Oasis)
  • DJ Betti Forde (Pulse, Flygirl Productions)
  • DJ Drew (Odyssey, Numbers)
  • DJ Del Stamp (Numbers), and
  • DJ Dan James (Celebrities). 

And **gasp** they provide links to YouTube for originals and remixes. How awesome is that? awesome. Love those gays!