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Soaping up

Cameron Marshall and Topher DiMaggio in a scene from Golden Gate, the big news in porn right now: porn soaps! Credit:

In this age of ever greater access to porn of all stripes on the internet, studios need to keep finding new angles to grab a potential viewer’s attention.

Going into 2011, it looks like porn soaps are the way to go: series starring recurring characters, where viewers will be drawn in by the plotlines as much as the sex.

The big story at the moment is Golden Gate, a series produced by NakedSword. This is news because NakedSword made its name as an online distributor of pay-per-view porn, so for the company to move into production is pretty risky.

But judging by what I’ve seen so far, they’ve got it under control. It’s partnered with San Francisco smut studio Raging Stallion — the series stars many of the studio’s exclusive models and the first season is helmed by award-winning director Chris Ward. A new episode will be uploaded for members to enjoy every other week. There are behind-the-scenes clips, character profiles, bloopers and all sorts of fun stuff.

The series follows a cast of characters trying to navigate life and love in the city by the bay. The debut episode stars adorable blond babe Cameron Marshall as a tightly wound city exec whose need to break free leads him to a first-time hooker, dark-eyed stunner Topher DiMaggio.

It’s both sweet and sexy, and knowing that these two beauties are real-life lovers off-screen adds an extra thrill. I can’t help wondering if their on-screen relationship will head the same way, and it’s that kind of interest that NakedSword hopes will keep viewers coming back for more.

Future episodes promise drama, romance, betrayals and all the soapy twists you’d expect, not to mention some outrageously hot guys — like new discovery Donny Wright.

Perhaps not coincidentally, LA studio Channel 1 Releasing has launched into the same arena with its own web series, Raising the Bar.

This series follows a group of friends on the WeHo bar scene who compete over who can pull off the freakiest, most outlandish sexcapades. Famous drag directrix Chi Chi LaRue is running the show, with reality TV graduate Steven Daigle in one of the starring roles.

Will they become the next Gays of Our Lives? All My Bottoms? How about The Boned and the Beautiful? Tune in next time to find out!