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socialite stories: Dec 10 and on

Make sure you read the article by Gary Kinsman and Patrizia Gentile "Resisting the Olympic cleanup: Police tried to clean queers up for the 1976 Montreal Games"


There is a demo planned in protest of Vancouver's displacement of "undesirables" because of the Olympics, in light of the city's ceremony as the torch passes through Montreal in the afternoon. More details here.

Dec 10—Queer artist 2fik displays art

Dec 10—Drawn & Quartely hosts an Evening Of The Wholphin #3 wherein a Maurice Sendak childhood memory is acted out by Spike Jonze and Catherine Keener.

Dec 10—Beat Me Up Thursdays

Dec 11—TITS the Season! at Café Cléo

Dec 11—Mary Hell and DL Jones host a party at Salon Officiel

Dec 11—Mec Plus Ultra. I'm still on the fence about this.

Dec 11—Ghost Bees at Cagibi

Dec 12—Rusty Plum Craft Fair

Dec 15—Agir, a new organization for LGBTQ refugees and newcomers, is having a meet and greet.

Dec 15—Studio XX showcase night

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