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Sodom presents Fangs and Chaynes

Sodom’s Vampire Love Ball crowns a new bloody queen

Allysin Chaynes Credit: Mitchel Raphael

Sodom, which has been celebrating freaks across the city for more than five years, is about to celebrate the sixth edition of its now-legendary Vampire Love Ball. This year, appropriately, it’s happening on Valentine’s Day. To really sink our teeth into what the night will entail, we spoke to soon-to-be-crowned Queen of Sodom Allysin Chaynes.

Xtra: How big of a sodomite are you?

Allysin Chaynes: My first Sodom ever was the Halloween show in 2013, where we did an Egyptian take on Mommie Dearest called Mummy Dearest. I was painted gold and got to whip pyramid-building twinks with a flogger. 

What kind of nonsense should fangbangers expect this year?

This party has everything. You’ve seen glitter, you’ve seen flower petals, you’ve seen confetti, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. We’ve got some things in this show that have never — and I mean never — been done in a Sodom before. 

Why are vampires so gay?

Vampires are shunned and must hide their true identities for fear of being misjudged and mistreated. Swap a casket for a closet, honey, and it’s the queer experience! Plus, it’s two groups of people that certainly know how to have fun when the sun goes down.

Pop culture’s had vampires, zombies and witches up the wazoo. What supernatural being do you want to see take the spotlight next?

I’ve always really loved banshees — being a Scottish girl at heart, the idea of a screaming Scottish lady-ghost that brings death and destruction where she goes? One day, in future Scotland, grandparents will tell their children to watch out for my jaw waggling and wild gesturing as a sign of doom to come!