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Soldier of love: Ff returns to Vancouver nightlife

Ff is back on the Vancouver party scene in 2014, for a limited time only. Ff Trilogy will see three parties held at Lux Lounge, with Soldier of Love kicking off Feb 14.

Berlin Stiller will be dancing with molly as Miley Cyrus, so expect no clothing and a lot of twerking (not that Berlin needs a stage; he just calls that Monday morning). 

Check out a preview clip of him performing “Wrecking Ball":

And here are the party details from the event’s Facebook page:

Ladies and Gentleman, the ƒinale of Fƒ is here. 

2014 is approaching, and a new team has been assembled for an amazing Trilogy of Fƒ events. With a ƒresh approach and groundbreaking concepts, we are devoted to take your party experience to the next level. The catch: you only have three chances to experience it. 

On Feb 14 we launch the comeback. What was previously known as The Helm, a restored Lux Lounge, will be the perfect stage to resurrect the most spirited party Vancouver has ever seen. 

Valentine’s Day, Feb 14, Fƒ unleashes the Soldier of Love and the ƒirst chapter of Trilogy!