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Something sweet for the weekend

New York State senators continue to wrangle over whether they'll allow same-sex marriages to be performed in the state (somewhat confusingly, the state recognizes gay marriages performed out-of-state but won't allow them to be performed in-state). I'm not going to prognosticate on this anymore, since I've been saying for the last two days that the vote should happen "later tonight." Let's just hope it happens soon so that Bert and Ernie can finally push those twin beds together and make honest men out of each other, already.

Of course, just because a marriage isn't recognized doesn't mean it can't be romantic. A Western Australian man proposed to his long-time boyfriend at a Kylie Minogue concert in front of 13,000 screaming Kylie fans and his mom. Even though same-sex marriage isn't recognized in Australia, the couple will celebrate their love anyway. The whole proposal, and Kylie's ecstatic reaction, was caught on YouTube. Cue swoon:

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