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Songs for gay Martians

Led by Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp, the Mars One project hopes to land a permanent human settlement on the red planet by 2023.

The requirements for prospective volunteer Martians are specific. And while the qualifications state that interested parties must possess a “can do attitude” and “be free from any disease, any dependency on drugs, alcohol or tobacco,” there is no stipulation regarding sexual orientation.
However, if a queer astronaut did make it through the selection process, it is assumed they would be expected to procreate and populate Earth’s smaller neighbour.

Not counting Martian births, the Mars One team, which includes Concordia University professor Dr Raye Kass, hopes to fly 20 settlers to the planet by 2033.

Slate reports that almost 40,000 Earthlings have applied as of April 13.

From David “I was never gay, it was the ‘70s” Bowie, to a Misfits track that Carrie Brownstein says is “the perfect length for a song,” here is a playlist the lucky applicants may enjoy on their journey (which takes 150 to 300 days, depending on the speed of the launch.)

Godspeed, queer Martians.

“Life on Mars?” David Bowie

“Ballrooms of Mars,” T Rex

“Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon,” The Flaming Lips

“Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons,” Pixies

“We Are Martians,” Volta Cab

“I Turned into a Martian,” The Misfits

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