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Sooooo… anyone else on Google+?

So the doors apparently opened, however briefly, on Google+ today, and like the devious social-media whore that I am, I jumped on it like Rob Ford on a deep-fried twinkie. And let me just say, I finally understand how my grandmother feels whenever she tries to do anything on the internet, or, as she calls it, "The World Wide Web." She says it without a trace of irony, too.

All right, here's what I've gathered so far: there are not enough gays on yet for this to be a viable dating service, so no, you may want to hold on to Grindr for a little while longer before you start trolling for peen on Google+. That being said, you can apparently post graphic pictures on the site without getting banned. (That's the policy so far, at least. You never know — it could change.)

Instead of friends, now there are Circles. What's a circle? No fucking clue. I honestly have no real idea how the system of adding friends works; I do know it's needlessly complex but not that bad once you get the hang of it. There are maybe a handful of gay porn models on it, so… you know, there's that, right?

And now for the major question: is it better than Facebook? Fuck if I know. I honestly don't use Facebook that often, but Facebook is notorious for booting gay pornstar profiles or anything else it finds objectionable while jacking your personal information. So fuck it: you might as well start early just to say you started Google+ early, right? Right. Look forward to the Aaron Sorkin-penned bio-flick in about five years.

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