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Sounding off

I’ve been running into an awful lot of violence in porn lately. And I don’t seem to be in the mood for it at the moment. Because I mean, the occasional smack across the face isn’t really a bad thing, right? Maybe it’s just because it’s Pride season, so I feel like everyone should be nice to each other. Who knows? Here’s a bit of a survey of what I’ve been coming across.

I’ve said before that I have a hot-and-cold relationship to Aiden Shaw, what with all his arty posing and that, and I’m still trying to decide what to make of the celebrated wankfest that is Descent (Hot House). So here’s Aiden, sliding his sizable cock up Chris Rock’s cute bum, looking kind of bored, really. Or maybe the way to capture his look is the phrase “acting interested.” I can’t for the life of me figure out why, all of a sudden, Aiden suddenly whacks Chris upside the head. No context, no reaction. Weird.

Then there’s the final scene of Grunts: Misconduct (Raging Stallion). You’d think it would be a turn-on to watch Jake Deckard and Ricky Sinz working over Trey Casteel. But somewhere along the way they go into some kind of hypermasculine barking and woofing and grunting overdrive and, well, what can I say? All the love just kind of goes out of it.

Finally I tracked down another film featuring my old friend Derek Da Silva (you know, he’s showing up in a lot of Titan releases now, usually in elaborate bondage sequences). I found him in a Raging Stallion release called Sounding #1, obviously featuring a lot of guys sticking sounding rods up their wieners, a fetish that I find oddly fascinating. (I won’t be trying it at home, however.) Derek gets all tied up and has any number of sounding moments, but then there’s a whole lot of him getting punched in the nuts, enough to make you start to feel nauseous, as though it was happening to you.

That was enough to make me feel like a big old mushy sissy — in the best possible way, you understand. Thankfully I found the perfect remedy in Trunks (Hot House): a nice, long, gentle, friendly battle of the bottoms featuring Troy Punk and Shane Rollins. Fuck, those fellas have cute butts. This one should go in the time capsule.