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Sounds of a local lass

Lindsay Ferguson opens at Bluesfest

There’s some pressure in being the first local artist to perform at Bluesfest, but Wakefield, Quebec’s Lindsay Ferguson is up for the challenge.

“It’s really satisfying [to be asked],” she says. “All year I slug it out, with a few stellar gigs in there, but mostly they barely cover the gas money from A to B.”

Well-established in her own right, we caught up with Ferguson on her Monkeys Under Stars cross-Canada tour — in her ’92 Dodge. She says the trip has been transformative, and she has been avidly blogging the whole time. “My mantra for this tour has been ‘The journey is the reward.'”

Ferguson’s folk-rock sound has been compared to Feist’s, but she could easily be the next DIY diva. “I have been making feather earrings, which seem to be a hit, especially on the West Coast.”

Add in trying to win over diehard Tegan and Sara fans. Ferguson is optimistic: “I love those sisters. Those gals sing from their hearts. Their melodies and rhythm patterns are great, [so] I am really honoured to be able to share my sound with their fans!”

Very proud of her newest album, Ferguson feels that her music is the perfect match.

“The dreamer in me hopes there might just be that one person out there, that music scout, searching for that one special player, and they don’t even know it yet, but it’s really me they are looking for!”