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Sperm-only fertilisation, the Mexican boy, and a dirty dictionary

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Fertilization is possible without an egg cell

Scientists from Britain and Germany have announced they have produced healthy, fertile mouse pups using only sperm and skin cells, and without an egg cell. The discovery could mean that two men could have a genetic child without a female egg donor.

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The story behind the Mexican 12-year-old

After an iconic image surfaced of a Mexican 12-year-old boy blocking anti-gay protesters, some doubted the image could be real. Mexican news site Animal Politico, however, tracked down the photographer, as well as video showing the event.

Oxford English Dictionary introduces “butt-fucker”

The world’s most respected English dictionary has announced its new word entries for 2016. Useful new diction includes “butt-fucker,” “biatch,” “jack-off,” and “moobs.”

Openly gay candidates push back in Russian election

Two openly gay candidates for Russia’s liberal Parnas coalition know they won’t win seats in the upcoming election, but that won’t stop them from running. Just showing up, they say, puts positive LGBT role models in the public view.

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American pastor banned from South Africa

A Baptist pastor from Arizona famous for applauding the Orlando pulse shootings has been banned from South Africa for hate speech. LGBT groups in South Africa successfully petitioned for the government to ban his entry.

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