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Sperm shortage, honourable discharge and lesbian tennis

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The great Canadian sperm shortage

How did a resource produced by nearly half the population get in such short supply? At The Daily Beast, Samantha Allen writes about the bottleneck in sperm donorship, and how many Canadian sperm donor children could have over 100 half-siblings worldwide.

Tennessee judge refuses divorce to straight couple

In an act of sarcasm-laden protest, a Tennessee judge has refused to grant a divorce to a heterosexual couple because he says the US Supreme Court has made it it impossible for him to tell what is really marriage anymore. He ruled that he could not grant a divorce until the Supreme Court told him what is not a marriage, as well as what is.

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Ukrainian tennis pro says he’s definitely not homophobic

Ukrainian tennis star Sergiy Stakhovsky says he’s not homophobic, even though he decided not to let his daughter play tennis for fear of lesbians. The proof? Stakhovsky says he has a gay hairdresser.

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Mother of accidental black child loses lawsuit

A white lesbian mother who was accidentally impregnated with sperm from a black man after a laboratory mix-up has lost her lawsuit against the company who provided the sperm. Jennifer Cramblett says that, while she loves her half-black son, she was unprepared to raise him in her all-white Ohio town. A court found that medical negligence laws did not cover Cramblett’s case.

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Discharged gay veterans seek honour

US veterans from among the tens of thousands given less than honourable discharges for being gay are seeking redress. While the Obama administration has promised to upgrade gay veterans’ discharges to honourable, the process is far from easy, and both self respect and vital services can be on the line.

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