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SPIT/Palm Springs White Party Send Off

It's been a slow week here at Up Your Alley. I know I know. I should be out there making news. If it's any consolation, Terry Costa is dead to me and apparently he's found a replacement for Brunch Talk on Sunday. So come to J Lounge. We'll see what happens. Honestly, that bitch can burn in hell. Nothing personal. Just artistic differences.

In the meantime, Palm Springs White Party is happening this weekend, aka a party in a different city filled with people from Vancouver. I wish I was going. No wait. No I don't. But for all my friends and frenemies who are heading down there today, I dedicate this to you… as does my buddy Deepthroat. Cause he's just that kinda guy:

Enjoy your weekend. I am taking this e-card to heart. Tell me your PS tales. Send me some photos. We love scandy here at Up Your Alley…and so should you.

Lastly – if you're looking for something to do tonight, check out SPIT!

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